Thursday, April 7, 2011

♥ Today at The Designer's Lounge....

Well, technically it was yesterday, but here it is- a day at The Designer's Lounge.

I starting my morning with a dress, I'm testing this pattern and it may be a project that I will be adding into May's Class Schedule, it's an easy dress to sew and perfect for Spring/Summer.
I use whatever fabric I have laying around at the time,
this one is going to be made of a light weight wool gaberdine with pin-stripes
and a lace trim.

Designer's at work... My first lesson of the day!

Creighton is draping a dress using vintage fabric.
Marking her drape

Second Lesson of the day- Taylor drafted out her own skirt pattern, cut it out and now is sewing it together (this is her first time she's attached a zipper).

Sewing it together.
Fabulous Job!! It fits perfectly!

Last class of the day, Pants Pattern Drafting.  In this class the students learn how to take their measurements, draft out the basic pant block, sew it together, do a fitting and make the adjustments to their final block pattern.  From that point they are able to design different styles of pants and have them fit perfectly.

Using a "Hip Curve" to create a smooth hipline.

Ratna and Julianna drafting their patterns.

Audria is our newest intern and I will be posting her bio on the website this week.  But she saved my life last night by working on a small project for me.  Today and tomorrow I will be teaching two workshops at The Albuquerque Academy for their ISAS Arts Festival on Fashion Illustration.  To be honest, I'm quite nervous, I've never taught a large class size (anything over 8 people is large in my eyes).
Audria, graciously helped create the hand-outs for these workshops and they came out GREAT!

Audria hard at work.

SO, that is a day at The Designer's Lounge, wish me luck today and hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of the workshops that will be taking place at The Albuquerque Academy.

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