Saturday, April 23, 2011

Developing A Design Process.

Designers at work...

First, they flipped through magazines for inspiration.
Secondly, they pasted their selected images into their "idea books".

With Billie in playing in the background...

Carrie was inspired by Spring pastels and drapey fabrics.

CJ had two forms of inspiration- the "bad girl" and the "good girl" concepts, using lace and beaded details for her costuming.

This was week 4 of our Fashion Design Course and today the group worked on developing their own design process.  We discussed a few current events to get the ideas flowing, we flipped through magazines and discussed the good and bad ads and what we found to be most inspirational.  The project was to find images to best tell the story of their individual concepts by using- color, texture, fabrication, design details and photos of the models themselves.  This is the beginnings of creating a mood board.  Part two of the project was to start sketching a small collection that reflects their "mood boards", next week we will see the results of their concepts and their collections... and from what I saw just before they left, they were on the right track!

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