Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Draping and Patternmaking!

Designer's at work...
Design garment.

Create style on dress form.
Make a final pattern from the drape.

Denali's project for the day was to drape a dress.  We started with a sketch, she draped the style onto the dress form, pinning and manipulating the fabric to create the shape and style to her liking.  Once she achieved the look she desired, she marked all the key points- seams, pleats, waistline, neckline, etc. Denali removed the drape and we "trued up" her markings using the proper rulers.
This begins the patternmaking process, next we should see a complete dress sewn together!

The Pant Patternmaking Class...

Ratna and Julianna have been hard at work to make their perfectly fitted pants.  Today we made the adjustments from last week's fitting.  Once their patterns were corrected, they were back to the cutting table to start making another sample.  This week these ladies have homework, they are to sew their corrected pant including the waistband to do a final fitting.  Once we fit next week they will make their first pair of pants in the actual fabric!  SEW exciting!

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