Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Exciting Day at TDL!

The Designer's Lounge was on Goupon today!  You still have time, about two hours left, to take advantage of this amazing deal!  Check out the website!

Today's Designer's at Work...

Creighton draped her dress last week, this week she hit the sewing machine.  Draping a dress using vintage fabric was tricky because once we cut into it, there was no turning back.
She is almost finished, next week it will be completed!

Ratna completed the Sewing with Silks class, whoo hoo!  She did an amazing job and made the perfect summer blouse!

Back view of Ratna's Silk Blouse

This evening we had Part II of the Pants Pattern Making Class, these ladies completed their patterns and quickly sewed their first samples.  Once the samples were completed we fit the pants and made notes of the adjustments.  Next week we will apply the changes to the patterns and sew another pair of pants!

I have two bride's maids dresses that need to be  completed by July 15th, Audria is learning to trace a commercial pattern in which we will use for basic fit and styling.  Next week we will redesign the pattern and cut out the muslin samples to start the first round of fittings.  Thank Audria for all your hard work!

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