Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome New Designers!

 Designers at work...

Denali completed her first sample!  Very exciting since this is the first garment she's designed, draped, made the pattern for and sewn all to completion. Denali did a wonderful job, maybe she'll send us a picture of her dress in her chosen fabric?

Welcome new designers!
Tuesday starting her first pattern.
Jeanne is learning how to use the sewing machine.
Jakob practicing pivots and curves.
I'm very excited to welcome three new designers today!  I love hearing the different reasons as to what motivated their interest in sewing.  Tuesday has always had a love for fashion and wants to make her own clothes. Jeanne owns a shop in Coronado Center and wants to be able add to her inventory and offer basic alterations on some of her garments.  Jakob works with a group on films and is the "costume and props guy", he wants to be able to use patterns to make some of his costumes.

Handsome man saves the day...

I've been falling behind on some of other projects, but Jeffrey was able to come in for an hour to help me with a side project that I'm working on and I am very grateful for his help! ♥

**Jeanne's shop is called Cherry Blossom, located in Coronado Mall and specializes in woman's, children's and accessories with a love for printed textiles.  For more info call 505-830-6553.

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