Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♥ A Lady With Style, Grace and Beauty!

I have to write a little something about my grandmother, whom recently passed away, because she truly was a lady filled with grace, style and beauty!

 My love for vintage gems was inherited directly from Mrs. Georgia Sanchez.  I would come into her house, sit at the dining room table and say "Grandma, pull out your jewels!", she'd laugh, put on a pot of coffee and then out came drawers overflowing with costume jewelry for us to play with! She had a clutch and scarf to go with any outfit in her closet, in addition to her many stylish coats and shoes.
Though my Grandmother's house was not fancy and truth be told, tattered and rundown, her taste in antique furniture was impeccable and the house was filled with exquisite pieces.  She had a good eye and paid close attention to detail, for they were her "little treasures".
Georgia was very proper, she was feminine, delicate and a very strong woman.  She lived a difficult life, as did so many of her generation, yet she continued to carry herself with such consideration and poise. When she found a vintage broach, whether from a flea market or a department store, she wore it as if she received it from Christian Dior himself and you would never have thought to question otherwise.
She did the best she could with the life she was given and in the end outlived most.  Though I was lucky to have my Grandmother up until her age of ninety-one, I feel there was so much more I could have learned from her.  But what I did learn from her was this- what it means to be a "stylish lady". It was not the fancy jewelry or beaded handbags that made my Grandmother stylish, it was not her polished antique furniture, it was her ability to rise above the circumstances around her and continue to see the beauty in everything.

I could only hope to be half as stylish, graceful and beautiful as Mrs. Georgia Sanchez...

September 16. 1920- March 20, 2011

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