Friday, April 22, 2011

Denali and Mikayla

Designers at work...
Plotting her style lines.

The beginning stages of her muslin drape.
Today was Denali's last lesson of the week and she wanted to learn how to mark off a dress form with new seams so that she can drape a corset.  She used the tape to indicate where her pieces will come together and where she will attach the boning.   Once her bodice was draped she checked her  pieces by sewing them together and placing them back onto the dress form.  
Denali's school project is due towards the end of May and I look forward to seeing her presentation and hope she will send us pictures of her work along the way!

Teen Fashion Show...
Me, taking a close up picture of Mikayla's sewing machine.

Interviewing Mikayla about her collection.
Little bits at a time the "Fall Into The Stars" Teen Fashion Show is coming together.  This afternoon I had the great pleasure of meeting Mikayla in her own home to record her design process.  She graciously showed me her work room, painted in pink, black and grey colors, filled with inspirational pictures of Paris and New York, was a well organized and inspiring design space.  With Mikayla's collection underway, she was able to show me one of the samples she was working on and what her plans were for completing the collection.  I have been working with Mikayla for quite some time now and am very proud of her progress, dedication, and ALL that she has accomplished in the last two years!  Great job Mikalya!

If you would like more information on the "Fall Into The Stars" Teen Fashion Show, please visit our website-

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