Thursday, April 28, 2011

Completed Creations ♥

Designers' completed creations...
Creighton's beautifully draped dress.
Aude's amazing pants.

Theresa's cute and colorful tote
Another busy week, in fact, I forgot to take many of the designers' at work pics.  However, I DID remember to take pictures of this week's completed creations.
We've followed along as Creighton designed, draped and sewed her summer dress made of vintage fabric and she did a fabulous job!
Aude made a pants pattern, this week she sewed them together using THE CUTEST fabric, they fit perfectly and look adorable!
Theresa had started her tote bag last week and this week she completed her colorful creation!
Exciting to see so many creations come to life!
Have a GREAT weekend! ♥

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