Thursday, March 10, 2011

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day-How Do You Define Your Style?

With Paris Fashion Week wrapping up soon, I thought it would be informative to add a Designer Profile and as I was doing my research it prompted the question- How do you define your style?

Isabel Marant Illustrations
Isabel Marant, born in 1967, creates her own world of "melting mode".  Her French father, her German mother and particularly her west Indian mother-in-law, gave her a cosmopolitan education.  It is also while traveling in India or Africa that she finds her inspiration.
Isabel launched a first line of jewelry which would be the best way to finance her business. In 1990, she launched Twen, a small knitwear collection that would grow and become later the Isabel Marant we know today.
What makes this collection stand apart is the attention paid to textiles and texture: fabrics are washed and aged with boiled and wrinkled effects, faded, half-tone colors set off by bright highlights, seams are left raw and hems slightly frayed.
When asked- "How do you define your style?"  she replied "Urban, androgynous, contemporary, with a mix of world culture and inspiration from different ages".

Photos from the Fall 2011 RTW Collection
"My main source of inspiration is everyday life." -Isabel Marant

Source: Young Fashion Designers, by Marta R. Hadilgo.  RTW photos from New York Fashion Magazine.

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