Monday, March 7, 2011

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day-Visit Wonderland!

Inspiration-Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

First I have to say "Thank you Tim Burton" for revisiting one of my favorite childhood stories! Since the release of the movie last year, new books, art, theater and designs have popped up inspired by this lovely little fantasy.  This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending Alice in Wonderland, at the Kimo Theater, presented by the Ballet Repertory Company. I remember watching the Disney version over and over until I thought my parents were going to burn the video (luckily they spared me of that loss). Soon, I will start a new project!  Ideas have been rolling around in my head for weeks, yet for some reason I've been unable to form a solid image of the presentation in my mind... until now. 
If you have a favorite childhood story, take a moment to revisit those characters.  You never know what inspiration you will find in them. For that, I thank Lewis Carroll and his beautiful story of a girl's adventures in wonderland... 

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