Wednesday, March 2, 2011

✂ Designer's Tip of The Day- Form a Group!

I've always wanted to do "something great"!  What that is exactly, I'm not sure... I do know that last night I had the pleasure of chatting with a small group of lovely ladies.  We discussed our current projects, laughed about the "design process" and encouraged each other on our creative ventures. This is the beginning of The Albuquerque Designer's Association! (More info to follow later).  I couldn't help but feel fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and creative minds.  It made me realize that in that moment I felt like I was doing something great!  Many times I isolate myself, too busy in my own projects, "not enough time" I say, but after only 1 hour of chatting with the other designer's and artist, I felt as if my mind got a breath of fresh air!  I think forming a knitting group or a sewing circle, is not just refreshing, it's inspiring!

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