Wednesday, September 22, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day-Loosely Woven Fabrics

Fabric Characteristics:
-Loosely woven fabrics are easy to shape and ease.
-Many loosely woven fabrics fray badly- Suggest to spray the edges with fray retardant before proceeding into sewing.
-Most loosely woven fabrics slip at stressed seams.

Loosely woven fabrics are suitable for a variety of garments: skirts, coats, slacks, tailored jackets, soft suits, and dresses.  To showcase the fabric, choose a simple design with a minimum of seeams.  Avoid closely-fitted designs and superfluous details. 
Or follow the example set by Ms. Coco Chanel in her classic suits and line the garment to the edge to eliminate the necessity of facings!

 Source: Claire Shaeffer's Gabric Sewing Guide,
Fabric shown above is a Silk/Rayon Blend, Black and Ivory Plaid.

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