Tuesday, March 9, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- Tracing Patterns

As Designers we are often attracted to vintage, out of print patterns, but wouldn't dare cut into them.... There is a way to make use of those old styles!  By using removable tape, a large sheet of butcher paper and a tracing wheel, you can trace out the pattern onto a new piece of paper.  Once all the pattern pieces have been traced off, you can "connect the dots" left by the tracing wheel with a pencil and a set of pattern making rulers.
Now you can cut out your fabric using the new pattern pieces without worrying about damaging the original pattern!


Anonymous said...

Does the tracing wheel damage the pattern?

The Designers Lounge said...

If the tracing wheel has sharp spikes the holes are much smaller and the damage is minimal. It's also best to avoid rolling the wheel back and forth over the same spot.
Hope this helps!