Friday, March 19, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day-Tips for Knits

Tips for sewing knits:

Knits are easy to sew and comfortable to wear.  They can be used to sew a wide variety of garments.  It is easier to fit garments made from knits than those made from woven fabrics, because knits stretch and designs for knits tend to have less complicated lines.

Pattern Layout-When laying out and cutting pattern pieces on knits always use a "with nap" pattern layout.  Knits have a directional quality that shows up as difference in color shading in the complete garment.

Needles- Light weight knits use a 70/9. Medium weight knits use 80/11, and for heavy weight use 90/14.

Seams- Prevend distorted or rippled seams by reducing the pressure on the presser foot.  This can be done by pressing down on the back of the presser foot with your thumb, lifting the front of the foot.  Or adjust the pressure bar on the sewing machine.

Knit fabrics normally do not fray, making seam finishes unnecessary.

Source-Singer Sewing with Knits by Singer

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