Thursday, March 25, 2010

✂-The Designer's Tip of The Day- Croquis

A Croquis is a template used to draw flat or technical sketches.  Flat sketches are the diagrammatical detailed drawings of your design work.  They are graphic, clearly drawn explanation of the garment, showing all the construction details, such as seams, darts, pockets, fastentings and topstitching.  The flats are drawn with no figure represented, but to scale and as the name suggests in a flat rendering.  They will also show the front and the back of the garment, something that is often forgotten in the design sketch or fashion illustration.

I personally find  a croquis helpful when working on a custom garment so that I can translate details to the client.  They're also very useful for sketches used in line sheets, cost sheets and pattern making.

Source- Research and Design by Simon Seivewright and How to Draw Drape Fashion Models by Felip Sanchez and Nancy Picot Riegelman

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