Monday, March 1, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of the Day-Design by Draping

Draping is modeling or shaping a piece of fabric on a dress form or life model. Madelene Vionnet (in the 1920's) and Madame Alix Gres (1930's) were the first couture designers to devote their talent and time to the art of draping. To this day, designers look back on their achievements and recreate their techniques.

For the designer who is looking for a more exciting cut and who is prepared for the unexpected, draping is an excellent way of approaching design and pattern development. Let yourself be inspired by the texture, colour and fall of the fabric and see the design evolve before your eyes.

Source- Basics Fashion Design 03: Construction by Anette Fischer
                 Drape by Liesse Morreale-Jones

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