Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Bow Purse and My Lucky Stars

Brianna cut off the bottom of a dress and turned it into this FABULOUS bow purse.  She applied an invisible zipper  and made a strap with a button and buttonhole, later she intends to add lucite straps.  What an ingenious way to take a garment and reconstruct something new!!
Lovely ♥

Last week these ladies became acquainted with the sewing machine, this week they made their first project and they turned out great!

These ladies complete their first project as well, the perfect sewing accessory, a pin-cushion. SEW CUTE!!

There are those days in life, when I wake up and thank my lucky stars for all the wonderful things in my life, today was one of those days... actually, this whole week has been one of those days!
Happy Friday!!

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