Saturday, May 7, 2011

Great Presentations!

Mood board presentations-

Sue was inspired by the texture and ruffles in a pink rose.  Her bright color pallet and linen fabric story
depict a Spring time delivery. She cut out images of dresses to create a beautiful garden of flowers for her board.

Sarah's board feels very organic and natural in color, texture and fabrication. Her choice of soft knits and fluffy Alpaca yarns are perfect for her Fall delivery.

"A day in the park" is the theme behind Armani's board.  He chose black and white as his main colors and for his accents he chose a range of blues pulled straight from the sky!

Mysterious was Carrie's mood, her photos from the Orchid festival show her romantic, yet mysterious side.  Carrie liked the contrast of light to dark, twilight was her inspiration for color and the heathered fabric is the perfect interpretation!

CJ's photo is a path leading to... absolutely anywhere she wants to go!  CJ's board is also organic in color, fabrication and trims.  She's using mother of pearl buttons, but adds more edginess by using metal studs. The fabrics that CJ has chosen lend itself to being a very warm and soft Fall delivery. 

My board was inspired by one beautiful peony, it felt very romantic, yet bold at the same time.  I chose vintage wallpaper prints and fabrics that felt soft and opulent. The color pallet is pinks and grays with an accent of green.  I was taken back to the Victorian time period for this Spring time delivery. 
Next week the group will swap boards and design 5 looks using the mood boards as inspiration. We're almost done with this course and each week I get more inspired working with this creative group!  I can't wait to see their final projects due on May 21st!

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