Friday, May 6, 2011


The beginnings of a mood board...

Last week we took a field trip to the Botanical Gardens in search for inspiration.  The homework project was to take an image or two that expresses a mood or feeling and create a concept board depicting that "mood". This week we will see what inspired the group and what moods derived from their little adventure. 
One of our students had to drop out of the class, she's headed to France (congrats Christine!!), so I guess she's excused, therefore I will be filling in through the rest of the course.  Honestly, I have not created a mood board since I worked for Janie and Jack 3 years ago!  However, I enjoyed the process and in some ways it reminded me of just how beneficial these boards really are.  In fact, I felt so inspired by this exercise it's possible I may make a dress using my board for inspiration!

Designer at work...

Mikayla completed another pant from her collection for the "Fall Into The Stars" Teen Fashion Show! The reason she has been making these garments in muslin is so that she can fit her garments on the models, make fit adjustments, and apply those changes to her patterns without ruining her actual fabric.  GREAT job Mikayla!

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