Wednesday, February 23, 2011

✂ The Designer's Tip of the Day- Industrialism!

Fashion History "tid-bit"
While trying to find a useful by-product from the distillation of coal in 1856,
William Henry Perkin inadvertently created a brilliant-purple dye. It was
a craze in fashion for a number of years.

Until the turn of the 19th century, fashion had operated steadily, with political, social and religious upheavals operating as fashion "bellwethers".  The industrialisation of textile production, followed by developments in the retail and manufacturing of clothing, introduced new catalysts for the evolution of fashion: availability, affordability, social mobility and novelty on the part of the consumer, and profit on the part of the supplier.  I'm always fascinated by fashion it's reflection of the social and economic times...

Source: ...isms Understanding Fashion by Mairi Mackenzie (I LOVE this book)

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