Friday, February 18, 2011

✂ The Designer's Tip of the Day- Explore Your Imagination!

Okay, so I didn't start The Tip of the Day mid-January... However, I've been extremely inspired by my hiatus from the sewing machine!! I've been reading books, illustrating and venturing out into the world.  I was able to see the Broadway musical Wicked, I went to a ballet- Dracula, a love story, and was painted from head to toe in white paint for a Valentines photo shoot!
The last month and a half has been an exploration of creative outlets, now a feel refreshed and ready to start the design process again!

Seashell Inspiration

Sophi Kikasalaki S/S' 06 
By gathering different references and exploring many avenues of interest you can begin to explore a variety of creative possibilities before you channel and focus your imagination towards a concept, theme, or direction for a collection.  The two photos above demonstrate the use of an organic form translated into a garment.  This designer was inspired by the texture of the seashells and emulated that into her design.

Happy Friday!!

Source: Research and Design by Simon Seivewright

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