Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tea Party Fashion Show- April 25, 2010

Despite the show starting a bit late and the few snags we encountered in the beginning, the show was a great success! Here a few pictures from that event. Thank goodness there was no video to catch the chaos that was really taking place leading up to the show! But it's all part of the fun....
I have to say Thank YOU to the following ladies who took time out of their busy day to help out- Maychel Platero- Hair for ALL 10 girls! Maychel is amazing! Margaret Ortega- for EVERYTHING! Liesse Morreale-Jones and Yvette Zamora - for all your hard work and dedication. Crystal Sims- for the photographs. All the models: Alissa Ferguson, Kira Hirschfeld, Mandi Hinojos, Julia Gallegos, Alexandria Morrow, Jane Kasning, Bonnie Mason, Elizabeth Dyer, Hayley Berry, Nikki Zabicki, Missy Auge. The ladies and gals who helped at the tea house, Michelle Otterness for allowing me to use The Mas Amis Tea House, and MOM of course!

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