Wednesday, April 21, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- Do not Procrastinate!

Unfortunately, I've been unable to keep up with the Tip of The Day!
We've been frantically working on a small Lingerie/Lounge Wear Line, I know, not a good excuse!  However, since I have a tendency to procrastinate I thought it be wise to warn others of this terrible downfall. 
By procrastinating I've now subjected myself to sewing all day and all night, my social life has gone out the window, taxes were late, and very important tasks (such as the bills) have been set aside.  Luckily, I have a hand crank sewing machine so if the electricity gets turned off, I can still keep going!
Despite the laundry piling up, and the starving chihuahua (just kidding, she's still getting fed!), I am proud to announce the launch of this new line, taking place Sunday at the Mes Amis Tea House;  a small tea party-fashion show for a few local ladies. Pictures will be posted soon after and the line will be available for custom orders.
The Designer's Tip of The Day will resume after Sunday!
Thank you for your continued support!

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rupa said...

I loved the collection you showcased yesterday. Great work!