Tuesday, February 23, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- Pattern Making Tools

Working With the right tools will make block and pattern making easier.  These are just some of the key tools required.

-L-Square Ruler- Used for measuring and drawing lines at right angles.
-Clear Ruler- Easy to see through to add seam allowances to patterns.
-Notcher- This is used for marking the edge of a pattern to line up pattern pieces, (not to be used on fabric).
-Tracing Wheel- This tracing wheel has sharp spikes so that a pattern could be traced through fabric or thick paper.
-French Curve- Works great for necklines and armholes
-Hip Curve- Can be used for subtle curves such as waist and hips.

There are other tools that should not be forgotten such as an awl, scissors, and a tape measure.... But this should get you started on your pattern making adventures!

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kathleen said...

Instead of an awl, consider a paper drill. It's my favorite tool. So much neater and cleaner plus the holes don't close up.