Monday, February 22, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- Hemp Fabric

Hemp comes from the stems of the Cannabis Sativa plant which are processed to release the fibers.  The resulting yarns are woven into a strong, coarse cloth that looks and handles much like linen.

Fabric Characturistics:
-Hemp frays and wrinkles badly.
-It has poor elasticity and is difficult to ease.
-Hemp fabrics shrink and soften when laundered.
-It is absorbent and comfortable to wear.
-It is strong when wet and resistant to mildew.

Compared to Linen, it is stronger, coarser, and more durable.  It dyes well and dries quickly.
Hemp is a great fabric to use when looking for all natural fibers.

Source- The Fashion Designer's Directory of Shapes by Simon Travers-Spencer and Zarida Zaman
Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide 2nd Edition

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