Saturday, November 13, 2010

Albuquerque ARTS!

Owner Leslie Acosta-Isengarder at Panda Robot. Photo by Michael L. Miller.
♥ The Designer's Lounge (me looking goofy!). Photo by Michael L. Miller.
Leather cowgirl boots at The House of G’Larri. Photo by Michael L. Miller.

 AlbuquerqueARTS Magazine is Albuquerque's monthly magazine of the arts.  This month they featured an article titled "Finding ABQ Fashionable" by Kelly Koepke.  The article was centered around local shops selling the wears of local designers.  To read more about the article and the magazine check out their website-
Thank you AlbuquerqueARTS and Kelly Koepke for including us in your November issue!

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Kelly Koepke said...

Hi Teresa! It was great fun talking with you and the other designers. I hope that this article gets the word out about you and the others - and the great fashions people can find here.