Tuesday, July 20, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- The Trend in 1400 B.C.

Around 1400 B.C. fashion decreed that heads should have an elongated shape, and princesses actually polished their heads to enhance the elegance of their profile.  This fashion was reputed to have been launched by Nefertiti's six daughters, of whom it was said that witch doctors had elongated and narrowed their heads during birth, so as to spare their mother the worst pains of labour.
The ultimate refinement for the most fashionable women (and men too) was to place at the top of their heads a cone of scented grease, which would slowly melt with the heat of the body and the warm atmosphere, so that head and shoulders would slowly become bathed in rare perfumes, the skin growing oily and glistening, the clothes clinging to the body revealing it's shape.

Think of what the Fashionistas of the future will say about our current trends, (yikes!)?! 

Source- Fashion, from ancient Egypt to the present day. by Mila Contini, Picture: Torso, supposedly of Nefertiti, wearing finely pleated tunic.

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