Tuesday, June 29, 2010

✂-Designer's Tip of The Day- Burn-Outs

What is a Burn-out fabric and how is it made?
A Burn-out fabric is a fabric made with two different yarns with a pattern effect produced by destroying one of the yarns in a printing process that employs chemicals instead of color.  Brocaded effects are obtained on velvet by printing with the chemical that will destroy the pile and leave ground unharmed,  (the top picture is a Velvet burn-out and the bottom is a Satin burn-out).

If you would like more information in regards to fabric processing, construction, dying and finishing, The Designer's Lounge will be teaching a Fabric Science class on July 27, 6-8pm.

Source- Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles, 7th Edition, by Phylllis G. Tortora and Robert S. Merkel

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