Friday, October 30, 2009

Featured Designer: Sajetta Romie Cuff

Sajetta Romie Cuff (aka CJ) was introduced to sewing as a young girl by her mother Romie Elizabeth Green, but it wasn’t until she turned 21 and her friend Juliana Medeiros introduced her to belly dancing that she truly fell in love with it. She started making simple costume pieces and quickly moved to more complicated ones and eventually it began to branch into her daily wear. Up-cycling and Re-fabrication work also quickly became passions “to me it’s not so much about coming up with something new as it is about turning what you have into something you love”. From ruffle jeans and appliqué jackets to gauged earrings and macramé jewelry she call’s herself a “Jill of crafts”. She is currently the designer for Blazing Thimbles, a home based business in Tijeras, New Mexico she runs with her boyfriend Michael O’Malley who is the glass artist of the collaboration. Inspired by Performance Art, textiles and Michael's glass she creates colorful pieces with what she proudly calls a “my crazy grandma made it” feel. She is also a Principal Dancer for the Mile High Riot, a Gypsy Vaudeville Extravaganza that will be "Preforming" her costume portion of the show

Sajetta will also being showing her designs at the Craft Punk Fashion Show on November 13.

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